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Chisinau City Hall Authorizes Protest March

The Chisinau City Hall authorized on Thursday the non-governmental organisation Hyde Park for a march of protest on July 7 against the closure of the night broadcast Hyde Park at the municipal radio station Antena C.

The chairwoman of the interethnic relations department in the city hall, Nina Stratulat, who was told to handle this protest march, told BASA that the action will start at midday and will end on 1.00 p.m.

According to Stratulat, organisers were allowed to gather in front of the parliament headquarters and walk on one side of the boulevard Stefan cel Mare, in front of the government headquarters, near the Chisinau City Hall to the headquarters of the electronic media observer CCA.

Hyde Park moderator Oleg Brega said the participants in the action will protest against the censorship faced by the Hyde Park broadcast and against what he called „systematic obstruction of the freedom of expression and access to information of public interest.”

„We want to inform the public opinion that we do not agree with what the Communist power is doing and we will ask the reinstatement of our broadcast,” Brega said.

The municipal radio station Antena C shut down the talk show Hyde Park last weekend in compliance with a decision of the electronic media observer CCA, which had demanded action to crack down on what it described „calls for violence, xenophobia, and upset of the constitutional order.”



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