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Govt. to pay damages of 12,000 euros to Hyde Park NGO

The Moldovan Government will have to pay 12,000 euros in damages to NGO Hyde Park, after the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) acknowledged the violation of the NGO’s right to free assembly.

Info-Prim Neo, 1 April 2009, 19:48

2009-04-01/17:04/ Chisinau (IPN) Three decisions on cases started by Hyde Park against Moldova were published on March 31 on the ECHR’s web site, Info-Prim Neo reports.

Those three cases refer to the 2004-2006 period. The first case of Hyde Park at the ECHR dates back to 2004, when the Chisinau city hall forbade the NGO to picket the Romanian Embassy to Moldova, protesting against the attitude of the Romanian authorities toward the young Moldovan people studying in Romania. The second suit, from 2006, is about the refusal to sue the Chisinau city hall for not allowing them to protest against the way of organizing the Eurovision song contest, in front of the Parliament. The third case is about forbidding Hyde in 2005 to stage a meeting in Chisinau’s downtown.

„We are so rry to find that, in the Moldovan courts, we could not prove our right to protest in the street, as the judges rather preferred the pretexts invented by the municipal servants, than our arguments,” said Hyde Park president Parascovia Topada on Wednesday at a news conference hosted by Info-Prim Neo. „Thus, we have to understand that the Moldovan judges are either ill-intended, incompetent, or far from realizing what the fundamental rights and freedoms mean,” she said.

Oleg Brega, the first president of Hyde Park, has said the ECHR is to make public another case on April 7, in which the Moldovan Government will pay damages from 12,000 to 20,000 euros. „We’re glad we have won and justice has been made to us, we hope this victory will make the authorities change their conduct, while the police, on the contrary, has become even more aggressive as to the meetings it curbs,” Oleg Brega said.

Ghenadie Brega, a Hyde Park member, says th e money to be received from the Government will be used for projects implementing the freedom of speech, the defense of the human rights and for fighting censorship. The association’s members say they brace to oppose any governance.

Hyde Park has submitted 15 requests to the ECHR, 7 of which are pending, 4 have been solved, as 3 were publicly pronounced.


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