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Protest against misconducting minibus drivers at Chisinau City Hall

The nongovernmental organization Hyde Park Monday protested in front of the Chisinau City Hall against the minibus drivers who do not observe passengers’ rights, urging passersby to join in with them, Info-Prim Neo reports.

“We have protested against the inappropriate behavior of the drivers for a long time. Today, we launched an awareness raising campaign. The drivers smoke, listen to loud music and talk over the phone when driving. But the national transport regulations ban this,” said Hyde Park deputy head Parascovia Topada.

She also said that former Mayor of Chisinau Serafim Urecheanu and current Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca adopted Codes of Conduct for minibus drivers, but they have been annulled.

“If we want to get home healthy and not to endanger our lives, we must demand that our rights be observed,” Parascovia Topada said.

The organizers expected the protest will rally about 300 persons. When the event started, there were only 12 persons there.

Sursa: AllMoldova

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