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Taxi Driver Attacks Journalist/Activist Oleg Brega on the Street

curajtv (625x362)A taxi driver who had parked his car illegally on a busy boulevard in central Chisinau, attacked journalist and civil activist Oleg Brega of Hyde Park NGO. Brega was trying to film the car with his personal camera, mentioning the fact that the driver didn’t use a taxing machine either. Passing by immediately after the incident, law enforcement officers did not respond to the activist’s plea for help.

Brega posted the videos from the incident on the website He continued filming during the whole scene, including when he was hit, pushed and grabbed by his coat’s collar by the angry taxi driver.

The clips show how the driver attacked Brega after the journalist asked a question about legality of the driver’s affairs. The second film also shows police officers passing by right after the incident. They ignored Brega and did not document the case, claiming it was not their route.

Oleg Brega has been managing an alternative journalism project of the online resource www.Curaj.TV since 2009.

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